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Summer Hours

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Garden Center Hours: Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed Sunday

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The Snow is on the Ground–Great Time to Plan Your Landscape!

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In our last post, we announced that the Garden Center will offer a very nice selection of fruit trees and shrubs this spring. Great news for those of you who want to give “edible landscaping” a try! For all of you perennial gardeners, the garden center will sport a wide selection of reliable perennials, grasses and ferns for sun and shade and everything in between. Below you will find the links to price sheets for the fruit trees & shrubs and the perennials we expect to have this spring. Note that there may be some minor changes in the price lists as the season progresses, depending on availability and pricing from our suppliers. Call the Garden Center at 717-741-1832, if you have questions about our spring arrivals. Please leave a message, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Fruit Trees and Shrubs For Spring 2015 in the Garden Center Perennials for Spring 2015 at...

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Fruit Trees & Shrubs for Edible Landscaping

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We have had an icy start to the week, the kind of weather that often puts all of you gardeners in dream mode. And so it is a good time, perhaps the best time, to expand your concept of landscaping to include fruit trees and fruiting shrubs. This notion of landscaping with plants that provide food has been dubbed “edible landscaping” and it is a practice that is gaining ground. In my own yard, I started with a hedge of blueberries and a screen of clump serviceberry trees. This coming year, I will be planting a sour cherry (I love sour cherries and they are self-fruitful so I don’t need another cherry). I will also be planting a dwarf apple (there is a crabapple across the street from me to act as a pollinator), which I hope to espalier against the front of my garage. Raspberries grown on a trellis to hide my compost bin is another project I am considering. At the Garden Center, we will be offering a wide selection of fruit trees and shrubs this year(price and availability will appear in my next post) with most plants being available for early spring planting. So for a hedge that does more than just separate your yard from your neighbor’s, or a tree that does more than simply shade your patio, I encourage you to consider “edible...

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Happy New Year from Rockelman’s Nursery

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Spring 2015 Incoming Nursery Stock AN EXCITING YEAR AHEAD! We will be expanding our nursery stock selection this coming spring to include container FRUIT TREES: Apple, Pear, Cherry, Plum, Peach, Nectarine, Apricot and Persimmon. We will also be carrying grapes, raspberries and blueberries, likewise in containers. Additionally, for the frugal and adventurous gardeners, we will offer a limited selection of bare-root fruit trees. Stay tuned for specific selections and pricing. And for the PERENNIAL gardeners out there, we are expanding our selection of perennials and will include many, many natives including Actaea, Asclepias, Eupatorium, and Phlox, as well as lots of color and variety for shade gardeners (Astilbe, Dicentra, Heuchera and Hosta). We have made selections that are proven hardy for this area. And we will have, of course, many traditional faves: Paeonia, Iris and Leucanthemum (Becky Shasta Daisy). We will be posting info on cultivars and pricing in the coming weeks. Finally, for all those out there who need help in making their dream gardens come true, give our landscape designer a call. As long as there is no snow on the ground and it is not raining bucket-loads, she can meet with you this winter and design your dream space. You can reach our designer at...

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