Garden Center

Since 1964, the Garden Center at Rockelman’s Nursery has been York’s “go-to” place for quality plants and knowledgeable customer service.

Our wide selection of plant material includes traditional foundation plants, both evergreen and deciduous. We also carry a variety of fruit trees and shrubs. We have the best tree selection in York County, most “homegrown” at our own Heritage Tree Farm in Spring Grove. Our perennials will add color and fill in the gaps in a new landscape. Our plants are landscape size and well cared for — beautiful additions to any home garden.

We pride ourselves on excellent plant material, but what sets Rockelman’s above the rest is its customer service. Our Garden Center Manager, Patricia Gramling, will be happy to help you find just the right plant.

She can help you make good plant choices and can offer helpful solutions to your plant pest and disease problems. So, visit the Garden Center at Rockelman’s Nursery. You will find high-quality plants and friendly, helpful customer service.